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CWML is a program and file format for expressing mathematics using category theory.


We are writing an application for the Apple iPad which will be available from the App Store.

The first version will allow users to sketch and share categorical diagrams.

File Format

The format for CWML files is an XML format.

Version 0.0

Here is the public Document Type Declaration file for CWML 0.0.

Here is an example of a CWML 0.0 file.

Version 0.1

Here is the public RELAX NG file for CWML 0.1.

Here is an example of a CWML 0.1 file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the application be available?
A: Not sure - would you like to help?

Q: What does CWML stand for?
A: Cyclone Warning Markup Language is top of the list - any better suggestions?

Q: Where can I buy a CWML?
A: Here is a list with prices.

Q: Is there a CWML mailing list?
A: If you're rebuilding a Jeep, yes.


If you have a suggestion for this project, please send a short, plain text message to Messages with HTML or attachments should be sent to

July-September 2010